Thursday, December 19, 2013

USA made hemp apparel for men, women, children for retail & wholesale available at Vital Hemp

Vital hemp makes hemp clothing for living every day. Vital hemp is introducing the superior qualities of hemp by producing the most comfortable, healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly hemp clothes as possible.

The journey started in 2003 on Venice boardwalk to West Coast through Denver and DC until finally they open store in Santa Monica. It continues to spiral through the communities they clothe and love: the green business community, the yoga community, raw-foodists and heath-nuts of every kind, a bunch of surfers from around the world, music makers of every genre, mad and sane artists, everyday burners, suit and tie vital ones (who still love their hemp tees), homeless hempers and even a few celebrities.

The team shares a common vision of a world where they choose the best solutions for everyone, all living things, including our living planet, Earth.  Vital Hemp is a part of a growing understanding of the value of hemp as a sustainable source of so many commonly-used items and materials--not just clothing and paper and food, but building materials and bio-plastics.

Vital Hemp also supply hemp garments and/or screen-printed or embroidered logo wear to companies and organizations seeking the most eco-friendly alternative for their promotional gear and logo-emblazoned tees, aprons, bags, shirts.

Logo Wear

Feature your brand’s logo on vital hemp's soft, durable hemp clothing.

Distinguish your brand: instead of the normal, unsustainable cotton tees that use way too many pesticides, or even the organic ones that suck water, shrink, and get donated after a season, these hemp clothes will become your employees' and customers’ favorites for years to come.  Beyond demonstrating your company's commitment to the most sustainable solution, whoever receives these tees will love wearing them.  That means more eyeballs on your logo and more good vibes for your brand.

Choose any color, send a jpeg of your logo and/or slogan and we do the rest. Hemp clothing is awesome for promotional purposes, company gear, or holiday gifts. Contact us for quotes and minimums on branded apparel and accessories.


Vital hemp envisions a world where people wear comfortable, affordable, high-quality hemp clothing. Being environmental friendly hemp is good for the planet.

By re-introducing the public to the superior qualities of hemp clothing, people will begin to understand the value of the hemp plant as a sustainable source for other commonly used products. Wearing vital hemp and using other hemp products fosters positive attitudes that will result in the re-legalization of the cultivation of industrial hemp in the USA.

Vital Hemp envision a world where people thrive from the energy that they receive from the hemp seed powder they put in their organic morning smoothies; where computer printers, newspapers and magazines everywhere use the tree-free hemp paper; where hemp plastics are the norm, replacing petroleum-based products; where builders use hemp wood instead of wood from trees—not just because it's better for the environment, but because it's stronger and more durable than what we used to use; where cars and other machines run on hemp veggie oil, getting twenty times the power (and much better mileage) than anything that ever ran on corn or sugarcane-base ethanol—and keeping the air clean in the process.

About Hemp

Hemp is commonly used term for varieties of the Cannabis plant it is stronger and more durable than cotton. A sustainable, breathable, antibacterial and eco-friendly clothing materials.
In the US, hemp is not legal to grow because of its relation to marijuana.  Although some states have already made the cultivation of industrial hemp legal still some like Colorado, Vermont, and North Dakota have passed laws enabling hemp licensure and waiting permission to grow hemp from the DEA.

As members of the sustainable business community, Vital hemp aspire to be a part of the groundswell that changes antiquated laws, re-legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp in the U.S.A. to benefit from the myriad uses of this amazing plant—for clothing, food, paper, fuel, and so much more.

Hemp as environmental friendly

Vital hemp part in helping the environment is to producing hemp clothes. They chose hemp for a few reasons you probably know: it's stronger and more durable than cotton. It breathes better than any other natural fiber. It doesn't require pesticides and is actually good for the soil (unlike cotton, which depletes soil). Farmers love hemp because it makes such a good rotation crop. We chose hemp because it's good for so many things besides clothes, including food, paper, fuel, etc…, and because, like the Earth, hemp doesn't have enough allies.

Why will wearing hemp raise your spirits?

Wearing hemp will raise your spirits because it is the most ecological choice. It is the choice that says, “I'm not going to buy into the propaganda anymore. I'm going to buy what's best for me and for the Earth, and thereby be part of the movement that is working to make industrial hemp legal once again to grow in the USA. Of all the western industrialized nations, the USA is the only one where hemp is illegal to grow. Corporate greed criminalized and marginalized hemp. Populist power and wisdom can bring hemp back to our land.

Vital hemp sources our hemp fabric from the Shandong province of China, where the hemp has been grown for more than 6000 years. The Chinese were never short-sighted enough to ban such a useful plant. While Canada also grows tons of hemp, the Canadians use it mostly for food, and have not developed a hemp textile industry. China produces more than 95% of all hemp textiles in the world, mostly in smaller farms and factories; fortunately, we have found outstanding and consistent quality.

They commit themselves to continually strive to lessen our environmental impact on the planet as we provide the most earth-friendly clothing possible, hempin' you as we hemp the planet.

Get your hemp clothing and accessories at Vital Hemp. Available for wholesale and retail. For more information on how to become a retailer call (310) 450 2260.

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